Common Core Rap In The News!

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Therapy Cable

Common Core Rap co-founder, Angela Eller, was featured on Dr. Carlos Chatsworth’s show to discuss Common Core Standards and how Common Core Rap addresses shortfalls of the curriculum. Click the photo to watch the show and learn how handle the good and challenging qualities of the Common Core Curriculum!

Fractions is Complete!

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Fractions CCR Post

The long awaited Fractions – Numerator/Denominator & Simplest Form Rap Video is now complete and available in the Common Core Rap Store! Preview the video by clicking the photo above. Click the following links to preview/purchase the Fractions Rap Song and/or Fractions Rap Video. Those with streaming subscriptions will have the song and video added to your library shortly. Thanks for your patience as we created this video. We are committed to upholding the quality and usefulness of our songs/videos. We hope you and your students enjoy our latest offering!


Work on Fractions Has Begun

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Fractions CCR Post

UPDATE: Due to some scheduling issues, we have delayed the release of Fractions. The song has been recorded and sounds great! We will move into video production as soon as we are able. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to sharing this one with you soon!

After some time off, we are back at work on our latest song and video, Fractions. Fractions will explore benchmarks, numerators, denominators, common denominators, simplest form, mixed numbers, and more! Be on the lookout for Fractions mid-December 2014.

A Song For Teachers

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Teachers CCR Post

Teacher, teacher, what do you see?
I see children looking at me
I see hope for the next generation
I see ideas that will fuel innovation
I see attitudes that need renovation
I see kids that need my dedication
But I have my reservations
About the state of education
New methods, more tests, we need more data
Digital curriculum to keep kids engaged
Keep up the pressure til the bar has been raised
Look at Denmark & Japan, the United States
Must be the best, gotta pick up the pace
It’s a Race to the Top, there is no time to waste
But wait! No Child Left Behind, right?
We’re too focused on the future to understand hindsight
So enamored with the prize, we neglect the mind’s eye
Data is infinite, but what we do with it’s finite
Stacks of paper sky high, it’s gonna be a long night
No time to spend with my kids, I traded that highlight
For a red pen, an E-Z score, key on a kite
It’s storming again, I hope lighting strikes twice
I became a teacher to make a difference
To be the spark in their eyes that ignites a vision
To be a positive role model that would listen
To change lives each day that’s my mission
So take my 12 hours, give me frustration
One thing you can’t ever have is my motivation
I do it for these kids, my compensation
Is to see them overcome everything that keeps changin’
The answer isn’t in data, the answer isn’t Marzano
No teacher edition on Earth, will tell you what I know
It takes love, to make a kid grow
And that’s common to the core, so simple
No dimples, cause nobody smilin’
Gotta slow the world, I need a moment of silence
Deep breath, if you could see what’s behind my eyelids
We would teach respect instead of punish for violence
We would have recess, yeah let them be kids
We can’t keep taking away and expect them to give
We can’t test them to death and expect them to live
We can’t lose sight of education and expect to win
Man, I’m just sayin’
School put a smile on my face back in the day
There are a few teachers, I can never repay
And a few teachers who were there to get paid
But the majority encouraged me to make a way
To judge myself on effort instead of making a grade
To hate failure, but never be afraid
Of trying anything, I live it to this day
I know you wanna leave, it’s getting harder, but hey
The truth is, we need you stay
You’re difference in a success or failure
More valuable than a VAM score will tell ya
You have the toughest job, it takes a gift to teach
You change 100 lives with every student you reach
A hero in my eyes, you are heroes in my eyes
That’s what I see
So please keep doing what you do best . . . teach

Place Value is Complete!

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Place Value CCR

Great news CCR fans, Place Value is complete! Place Value is our 18th educational rap video and first full-length math video. The new video and song are now available in the Common Core Rap Store as streaming video and audio customers. Tell your friends that there is a new and fun way to become place value heroes :)

Common Core concepts covered in Place Value: place value, more than, less than, rounding, estimation, digits, standard form, word form, expanded form, order, periods, round up, round down


Place Value CCRFor those that have been anticipating Common Core Raps for Math, we have good news! We have begun work on our first math song, Place Value. Place Value will cover rounding, order, estimation, greater than, less than, equal to, place value, standard form, word form, expanded form, and more! We will keep you updated as progress is made!

How It All Began

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Edmodo Rap CCR

As of late, we have been blessed with a lot of media coverage. One question that starts most interviews is, “How did Common Core Rap begin?” If you’ve followed us from the beginning, you likely know the answer. For those of you that have recently discovered us, here is a quick history. I was asked to write a rap to introduce students to Edmodo, a classroom social media site that allows teachers and students to communicate, share ideas, post homework, and more in a safe, secure environment. Immediately, the song received a lot of praise from teachers and Edmodo staff. One staffer even asked to use the rap to introduce Edmodo at a conference! The students loved the Edmodo rap and the idea for Common Core Rap was born. 17 videos later, we are thrilled to know our videos are used all across the country and on several continents! Listen to how it all began :)

Space CCR Post

Great news Common Core Rap fans! Space is now available in the Common Core Rap Store and within your streaming subscriptions. The Space Song, recorded with new high-fidelity equipment, is available for $1.99. The Space Video can be purchased for $3.99. We invested a lot of time into Space and can’t wait to share it with you. The Common Core Rap App update that included the Space Song/Video will be pushed to your devices as soon as the Apple/Android stores approve it. Enjoy!

Common Core Concepts covered in Space include: rotation, star, solar system, space probe, revolution, lunar phase, time, constellation, axis, satellites, moon, orbit, planets, sun

Last Chance to Save 40%

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CCR App Sale

Summer is winding down and so is the clock on our Summer App Sale! Common Core Rap has had an amazing season filled with innovation and press coverage. A few months ago, we launched the Common Core Rap App for iOS and Android devices. The app puts the Common Core Rap experience in your pocket. Access our entire video and music library, rap over instrumental beats, take short quizzes to test your knowledge, and stay up to date with CCR news! Also, new videos/songs are added via free updates upon release. The chance to get this amazing value ($5.99) ends August 1st, 2014 when the app returns to its original price of $9.99.

Common Core Rap in Orlando Sentinel!

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CCR OrlandoSentinel

On July 10, 2014, Common Core Rap was featured on the Orlando Sentinel website. Adrienne Cutaway wanted to know more about the birth of Common Core Rap and how students react to the Common Core Rap videos. Read the article here to find out more about Common Core Rap.  The piece turned out awesome and we look forward to sharing more exciting news in the near future! Thanks for following along and supporting our vision. We appreciate every download, comment, and pin/like!