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A Song For Teachers

Posted: 17th October 2014 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News, Rap Video Updates

Teacher, teacher, what do you see? I see children looking at me I see hope for the next generation I see ideas that will fuel innovation I see attitudes that need renovation I see kids that need my dedication But I have my reservations About the state of education New methods, more tests, we need […]

For those that have been anticipating Common Core Raps for Math, we have good news! We have begun work on our first math song, Place Value. Place Value will cover rounding, order, estimation, greater than, less than, equal to, place value, standard form, word form, expanded form, and more! We will keep you updated as […]

Great news Common Core Rap fans! Space is now available in the Common Core Rap Store and within your streaming subscriptions. The Space Song, recorded with new high-fidelity equipment, is available for $1.99. The Space Video can be purchased for $3.99. We invested a lot of time into Space and can’t wait to share it […]

Last Chance to Save 40%

Posted: 23rd July 2014 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News, Merchandise, Rap Video Updates

Summer is winding down and so is the clock on our Summer App Sale! Common Core Rap has had an amazing season filled with innovation and press coverage. A few months ago, we launched the Common Core Rap App for iOS and Android devices. The app puts the Common Core Rap experience in your pocket. […]

On June 25th, 2014, Common Core Rap was featured in the West Orange Times! We spent some time with West Orange Times writer, Shari Roach, to talk about the idea and motivation behind our rap videos. If you do not know our history or want to see what we are planning in the future, you can read […]

Work on Space Has Begun

Posted: 23rd June 2014 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News, Common Core Rap Videos

After a few months of site improvement and innovation, we are back to working on new music! The next Common Core Rap video will be about space, galaxies, planets, moon phases, constellations, and more. The Space beat is nearing completion and the song writing process is underway. We look forward to sharing updates as they […]

Common Core Rap App

Posted: 4th June 2014 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News, Merchandise, Rap Video Updates

From the start, our goal has been to provide creative, easily accessible content to the greatest number of students possible. Initially, we put a lot of time into content and focused on growing our library. Then, we decided to revamp the shopping experience, making it easier for teachers and students to find/purchase songs and videos. […]

Good news Common Core Rap fans, the long awaited Economics video is complete and available in the Common Core Rap Store!  Those of you with streaming subscriptions now have the new Economics song and video in your collections. Economics Rap Video is about how wants and needs directly affect supply and demand. And how the […]

We are happy to report that our latest Common Core Rap Song, Economics, has been written and recorded! Upon some final audio production touches, Economics will be available to those with the All Access Audio Stream. Economics features a shifty beat to emulate the ups and downs of economies around the world. Economics touches on […]

We are pleased to announce that Immigrant – Immigration: Two Sides of a Story is complete! Our latest addition to the Common Core Rap Video library is about immigrants of old coming to America and what it would be like for someone in present time to relocate to a foreign country. Those of you with […]