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Good news Common Core Rap fans, the long awaited Economics video is complete and available in the Common Core Rap Store!  Those of you with streaming subscriptions now have the new Economics song and video in your collections. Economics Rap Video is about how wants and needs directly affect supply and demand. And how the […]

Economics Added To Audio Stream

Posted: 2nd April 2014 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News, Merchandise

Good news for those of you with CCR Streaming Audio Access – $9.99! We have just added our latest rap song, Economics, to your playlist ahead of the video release. The Economics rap video release date is set for 04/12/2014. We look forward to sharing our newest project with you and expanding our library in […]

We are happy to report that our latest Common Core Rap Song, Economics, has been written and recorded! Upon some final audio production touches, Economics will be available to those with the All Access Audio Stream. Economics features a shifty beat to emulate the ups and downs of economies around the world. Economics touches on […]

We are pleased to announce that Immigrant – Immigration: Two Sides of a Story is complete! Our latest addition to the Common Core Rap Video library is about immigrants of old coming to America and what it would be like for someone in present time to relocate to a foreign country. Those of you with […]

Immigrant, the next Common Core Rap release, has been written and the beat is nearing completion! Over the next few days, we will wrap up audio production and prepare for the video shoot. Immigrant will give an overview of what foreigners faced when coming to America as well as what one could expect if they […]

A Happy New Year

Posted: 15th January 2014 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News, Common Core Rap Videos

We are back from our holiday break and back in the lab! There are many exciting things to come for in 2014 and we can’t wait to share them with you as they happen! As always, thanks for supporting our vision of making the classroom an engaging, energetic space that positively affects the minds […]

Text Features w/ Colonial Americans has been completed and is available in the Common Core Rap Store, on the Preview Videos page, on YouTube, and on your live stream classroom pages! Our latest project is ambitious as it combines two relevant subjects into one video. The main idea explains text features and where they are […]

Text Features Is Up Next

Posted: 4th December 2013 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News

Good news friends! The beat is assembled, the lyrics are written, and the verses have been recorded for our latest Common Core Rap Video, Text Features with Colonial Americans. Next, we will get Ava in the booth to lay down the chorus. We plan to shoot the video with Ava and Khari 12/8/2013. Those of you […]

An Early Thanks to You

Posted: 21st November 2013 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News

Teachers | Parents | Students, As we prepare to slow down for the holidays, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for Common Core Rap’s growth and success. Thank you for spreading the word about our videos and our mission. Thank you for purchases. Most of all, thank you for your encouragement through kind words and […]

Natives – Native American Life Rap Video is finished! Check out the preview here or by clicking the photo above. Natives Rap Song and Natives Rap Video are now available in the Common Core Rap Store. Lyrics and class handouts for Natives are available on the View Lyrics & Worksheets page. Customers with CCR Teacher Video Stream have […]