A Song For Teachers

Posted: 17th October 2014 by Common Core in Common Core Rap News, Rap Video Updates

Teachers CCR Post

Teacher, teacher, what do you see?
I see children looking at me
I see hope for the next generation
I see ideas that will fuel innovation
I see attitudes that need renovation
I see kids that need my dedication
But I have my reservations
About the state of education
New methods, more tests, we need more data
Digital curriculum to keep kids engaged
Keep up the pressure til the bar has been raised
Look at Denmark & Japan, the United States
Must be the best, gotta pick up the pace
It’s a Race to the Top, there is no time to waste
But wait! No Child Left Behind, right?
We’re too focused on the future to understand hindsight
So enamored with the prize, we neglect the mind’s eye
Data is infinite, but what we do with it’s finite
Stacks of paper sky high, it’s gonna be a long night
No time to spend with my kids, I traded that highlight
For a red pen, an E-Z score, key on a kite
It’s storming again, I hope lighting strikes twice
I became a teacher to make a difference
To be the spark in their eyes that ignites a vision
To be a positive role model that would listen
To change lives each day that’s my mission
So take my 12 hours, give me frustration
One thing you can’t ever have is my motivation
I do it for these kids, my compensation
Is to see them overcome everything that keeps changin’
The answer isn’t in data, the answer isn’t Marzano
No teacher edition on Earth, will tell you what I know
It takes love, to make a kid grow
And that’s common to the core, so simple
No dimples, cause nobody smilin’
Gotta slow the world, I need a moment of silence
Deep breath, if you could see what’s behind my eyelids
We would teach respect instead of punish for violence
We would have recess, yeah let them be kids
We can’t keep taking away and expect them to give
We can’t test them to death and expect them to live
We can’t lose sight of education and expect to win
Man, I’m just sayin’
School put a smile on my face back in the day
There are a few teachers, I can never repay
And a few teachers who were there to get paid
But the majority encouraged me to make a way
To judge myself on effort instead of making a grade
To hate failure, but never be afraid
Of trying anything, I live it to this day
I know you wanna leave, it’s getting harder, but hey
The truth is, we need you stay
You’re difference in a success or failure
More valuable than a VAM score will tell ya
You have the toughest job, it takes a gift to teach
You change 100 lives with every student you reach
A hero in my eyes, you are heroes in my eyes
That’s what I see
So please keep doing what you do best . . . teach

  1. Merly says:

    It is a beatiful song, congratulations

    • Common Core says:

      Thank you Merly! I felt teachers needed to reminded of the impact they have on the future. There are many factors distracting and demotivating our educators. I hope this song speaks to them and rekindles the passion that made them perfect for the job.

  2. Alicia says:

    This fits into everything I am struggling with at this moment. Thanks for the reminder that I have to continue to do it for the kids!!!

    • Common Core says:

      Thanks Alicia. That’s the comment I was hoping for :) You are where you are for a reason! Keep doing great things.

  3. Common Core says:

    Хвала за коментар ! Надам се да је песма инспирише многе наставнике да дају све од себе , чак и кадаје најгоре против њих .