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By Common Core

Text Features

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Teacher, teacher, these text features
Help present information to the reader
The title tells us what the text is about
It’s big and bold to help it stand out
Headings are smaller, phrases that pop
And they bring attention to key points or topics
Captions give details about photos
For names and locations, labels and maps show those

Look at all these words! Where do I start?
If I look closely I can see different parts
These big, bold words must be important
Colonial Americans, the title is short
And beneath the title is a smaller set of words
The heading reads, Pilgrims settle in the New World
Okay, I got it, the text is making sense
I see a photo of the Mayflower, one their ships
And a map of Plymouth Colony, the first settlement
Underneath both are short descriptions
They are called captions and explain the pics
Now I’m excited to read about the colonists
To find out who the Pilgrims were and what they did
When they came to America, from where they fled
Why they risked their lives and crossed the ocean
I need to read how it happened, if I want to know it

Let me see you lean like italics, lean like italics
Now stand up, bold and with balance
Get big, get small, smile bright
From the left to the right, let’s highlight

Look at all these pages, what is this nonsense?
At the front of the book is the table of contents
It lists chapters and page locations
So I can find my story of Pilgrim immigration
But first, let’s see what’s in the back of the book
The glossary defines vocabulary, have a look
Up next, we find the index, which is a list
Of people, places, subjects, and events
In 1620, the Pilgrims left England behind
To find religious freedom and save their lives
Jailed for the beliefs, they had to decide
When and where to go to keep their faith alive
They got on the Mayflower, sailed the seas
Landed in the New World, land of the free
I will highlight that, it’s important to me
Because of them I can diagram my family tree