Immigrant Lyrics

By Common Core


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Immigration is relocation
When foreigners settle in a new nation
Some become citizens, naturalization
Some return home due to obligations
Immigrants create diversity
They share customs, ideas, and recipes
We learn their heritage and ancestry
As they become part of our history

Let me take you back, way back in time
Before Disney World, people used to stand in line
All day, all night, scared and silent
Hoping for the chance to enter Ellis Island
Immigrants from all over the globe
Came to New York, not for the shows
Not for Times Square, not for the snow
They had dreams and needed a place to grow
A land of opportunity, a brand new start
No directions included, but they had landmarks
Like the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge
Much of New York was built by immigrants
Ready to contribute, willing to work
They settled in cities, in and out of New York
And as foreigners spread across the USA
We added diversity into our DNA


What’s up with immigration and naturalization?
That’s when foreigners become citizens of a nation
Let’s say, you visited Italy on vacation
And loved it so much you decided to stay
You would have to fill out an application
Show documentation, get new identification
Find a job and become part of the population
Learn the laws and understand the national language
Basically, that is naturalization
Legal citizenship in a foreign nation
You could tell new friends about your heritage
Family traditions, how your ancestors lived
American customs, things you did as a kid
And visit new landmarks like the Rialto Bridge
The Colosseum and the Tower of Pisa
You would be free to explore without a passport or VISA