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  1. Renu says:

    Hello, I wanted to subscribe to your videos, but I don’t know what the curriculum focus is because from the headings, it looks as if they are all over the map. I teach grade 5 in Toronto, and am interested in only grade 4 to 6 materials. Id there a way I can see a sample? I have wasted many subscriptions over the years, and just want to act wisely this time. :)

    • Common Core says:

      Renu, thanks for reaching out. You can preview 45 seconds of each of our videos on the Previews page (located at the top of each page) or via our YouTube page ( The videos were made in conjunction to what my wife was teaching in the classroom at the time, which is why they do not follow a subject pattern. The videos are targeted towards grades 2-5, but have many elements that are relevant in grade 6 as well. There is a ton of information packed into each video (check out Life Cycles for example), so they are great for introductions, out of class learning, and reviews. You may want to look at our handouts (located at the top of each page) to review the lyrics to see if you think the songs/videos would work well for your students. Thanks for comment!

  2. Lor Iadisernia says:

    Is there any way to have the background and music to put up on my smart board so my class can sing it for a presentation without the little girl singing.

    • Common Core says:

      Hi Lor,

      It sounds like you want to have the video background without the vocals. If this is the case, you can download the instrumental beat from the Lyrics and Worksheets page. Just right-click and Save As. Then, you can mute the video and play the instrumental track. However, if you are looking for the video with the verses and the chorus muted, we do not provide that option. You or one of you students may be able to mute the chorus and cue the instrumental if you can get the timing right. I hope this answers your question.