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Common Core What?

Text Features-CCRpostCommon Core Rap began as an idea to further engage students in the classroom using music, video, and Common Core curriculum. In sales, companies must relate to their customers to be successful. In education, teachers must relate to students and motivate them through 36 weeks of learning. Common Core Rap is designed to interrupt monotony and inject energy via music into the classroom while staying true to Common Core instructional standards.

Don’t Say It. Play It

Numerous studies have shown that music and education work well together by stimulating both sides of the brain. It’s okay to play rap music in the classroom as long as the content is safe and applicable to learning! Rap incorporates rhyme, catchy hooks that focus on Common Core key ideas, beats that encourage movement, and wordplay that forces students to think outside of the box. Press play, it’s all good!

Have a listen to Space Video Preview, a rap about the Earth and solar system.

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We are always happy to hear from our fans! Send some support our way or give constructive criticism as to what you think would improve our videos and the effect they have on your class. We can be reached at info@commoncorerap.com or fill out the form below.