Edmodo Lyrics

By Common Core


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Edmodo, sign in, upload a photo
It’s the place to go, if you want to know
It’s the place to post, if you want to grow
From apprentice to pro, check Edmodo

Alright kids, this isn’t a test yet
But do you know where to go practice assessments?
Or put yourself in the shoes of history’s legends?
And help your friends understand, if they don’t get it?
Edmodo, write fast, I’ll spell it slow though
.com on the end, is where you begin
On the homepage click student sign-in
Know your group code, then grab a pen
To write down your ID, in case you forget
Once you’re in, write down the parent code so
Your mom or dad can use Edmodo
So, they know that you’re doing well, in fact
They can help you with homework in your backpack
Help you earn a badge, you can show the class
You could be the expert in science or math
Or write something to inspire, climb a little higher
In every subject, your mind is will never tire
If you keep it motion, knowledge is potent
Connect with other students across the ocean
And tell’em what’s happening in your class
You could tell’em a joke, you can make them can laugh
Keep it appropriate, nothing offensive
To make them unhappy and get defensive
Be responsible, being mean is expensive
It could cost you friends and Edmodo permissions
And you don’t wanna miss out on secret missions
Teachers will assign, offline you can’t see them
Read about great people, say, “I can be them!”
Be nice to your classmates so you can meet them
In and out of school, Edmodo is a tool
You can dive into, like a digital pool
Of knowledge, ride the new age wave to college
Connect like Legos and strive to astonish

Chorus x 2