Ava-DKhariOn June 25th, 2014, Common Core Rap was featured in the West Orange Times! We spent some time with West Orange Times writer, Shari Roach, to talk about the idea and motivation behind our rap videos. If you do not know our history or want to see what we are planning in the future, you can read the article here or click on Ava and Khari’s photo. The piece turned out great and we look forward to sharing more exciting news in the near future! Thanks for following along and supporting our vision. We appreciate every download, comment, and pin/like!

Work on Space Has Begun

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After a few months of site improvement and innovation, we are back to working on new music! The next Common Core Rap video will be about space, galaxies, planets, moon phases, constellations, and more. The Space beat is nearing completion and the song writing process is underway. We look forward to sharing updates as they happen! Space song/video is scheduled to be released mid July 2014. Streaming subscribers will have instant access. A Common Core Rap App update will be released late July.

Common Core Rap App Promo

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View the iPhone/iPad (iOS) app on the App Store / View the Android app on Google Play

Common Core Rap App

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App Store

From the start, our goal has been to provide creative, easily accessible content to the greatest number of students possible. Initially, we put a lot of time into content and focused on growing our library. Then, we decided to revamp the shopping experience, making it easier for teachers and students to find/purchase songs and videos. Now, we have created a full featured app that will revolutionize how students interact with Common Core Rap! The Common Core Rap App provides students with an unparalleled learning experience.

App features include: streaming access to the entire Common Core Rap song and video library, instrumental beats and lyrics to practice the songs, quizzes for each song/video to test comprehension, and quick access to our news feed. The app is currently available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store at an introductory price of $5.99! The app for Android devices is available here.

We are extremely proud of this product and the impact it will have on teachers and students. If you have an Apple device, find us in the App Store by searching: common core rap. And besides a nice comment, a share or like on your favorite social media outlet is the best complement you could give us! Thanks and enjoy!

Power in Music

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Common Core Rap was created to make learning more fun for students. We set out to make products that transcend the classroom and stay with students long after the bell rings. The greatest complements we receive are when teachers tell us that they hear their students singing our songs in line, at lunch, during centers, etc. We love to hear that students are going home and watching our videos or reading the lyrics to prepare for tests. What began as a teacher’s idea has become something real and powerful. Music evokes memories, emotions, passion, and so much more. We strive to create songs students can’t get out of their heads, because we know when test day arrives the answers will be fresh in their minds. We want to thank Ava S. for sending in this video of herself preparing for her Habitats test. This is why we do what we do!

The New Common Core Rap Store

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It’s been a busy week at Common Core Rap! We have been working hard behind the scenes to make your experience on commoncorerap.com more fluid. Now, the Common Core Rap Store is fully integrated throughout our site. This means you can now preview and/or purchase any song or video from any page with just a few clicks.

We also removed a few checkout steps to make shopping easier. Simply find what you want, add it to your cart, and checkout. Order confirmation emails now contain direct links to download your songs and/or videos. Thank you all for your feedback and continued support of what we do at Common Core Rap! Now, back to the music :)

Economics-CCR Post

Good news Common Core Rap fans, the long awaited Economics video is complete and available in the Common Core Rap Store!  Those of you with streaming subscriptions now have the new Economics song and video in your collections. Economics Rap Video is about how wants and needs directly affect supply and demand. And how the effects of supply and demand interact with us at a consumer level. We had lots of fun making this one. We hope you enjoy it!

Common Core Concepts covered in Economics include: supply, demand, wants, needs, price, market, producer, product, consumer, economics, import, export, resources, spend, save

Economics Added To Audio Stream

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CCR Audio Stream Update

Good news for those of you with CCR Streaming Audio Access – $9.99! We have just added our latest rap song, Economics, to your playlist ahead of the video release. The Economics rap video release date is set for 04/12/2014. We look forward to sharing our newest project with you and expanding our library in the Common Core Rap Store!

Excerpt from Economics: Demand up, supply down / Prices rice, people frown / Demand down, supply up / People smile when they see the price drop! 

Economics CCR Post

We are happy to report that our latest Common Core Rap Song, Economics, has been written and recorded! Upon some final audio production touches, Economics will be available to those with the All Access Audio Stream. Economics features a shifty beat to emulate the ups and downs of economies around the world. Economics touches on supply, demand, price, quantity, wants, needs, imports, exports, and more!

Once audio production is complete, we will schedule a video shoot and nail down a release date. Thank you for your continued support! We are grateful each time someone purchases a video and partners with us in our quest to make the classroom a dynamic learning space.

CCR Immigrant Post

We are pleased to announce that Immigrant – Immigration: Two Sides of a Story is complete! Our latest addition to the Common Core Rap Video library is about immigrants of old coming to America and what it would be like for someone in present time to relocate to a foreign country. Those of you with streaming subscriptions now have access to Immigrants. The song and video have also been added to the Common Core Rap Store. We are very excited about this project, please check out the preview and let us know what you think!

Common Core Concepts covered in Immigrant include: ancestors, diversity, population, landmarks, naturalization, Ellis Island, immigrants, passport, foreigners, opportunity, customs, heritage, contribute, citizens