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Natives – Native American Life Rap Video is finished! Check out the preview here or by clicking the photo above. Natives Rap Song and Natives Rap Video are now available in the Common Core Rap Store. Lyrics and class handouts for Natives are available on the View Lyrics & Worksheets page. Customers with CCR Teacher Video Stream have immediate access to Natives.

Common Core Concepts covered in Natives include: tribe, chickee, ancestors, tipis, pueblos, arrow, decade, moccasins, longhouse, rituals, century, migration, village


Great news! Natives – Native American Life Rap Song has been recorded! Those of you with CCR Audio Streaming have immediate access to the Natives Rap Song. The release date for the Natives Rap Video is November 7th, 2013. Lyrics, worksheets, video previews, and instrumental beat will also be available November 7th. We will post an update once the rap video and rap song are available in the Common Core Rap Store. As always, thanks for your encouragement and support of our projects. We truly appreciate you!

CCR Audio Streaming Now Available!

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Audio StreamingAudio Stream Thumbnail

Great news! We have added a new way to fuze music and education in the Common Core Rap Store. The CCR Streaming Audio subscription gives you (1 teacher) access to the entire SONG LIBRARY on any device at any time. The subscription is good for 1 year from the date of purchase and allows you to stream current and future songs until the subscription runs out!

GREAT VALUE: Unlimited access to all of our rap songs (currently 12) for only $9.99. Current average cost per song = $.84. As we add more songs, your cost per song goes even lower!

We also offer CCR Streaming Video subscriptions that grant you access to all of our VIDEOS!

Work on Natives Has Begun

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Native Americans

Fresh off our latest release, Around the World, work has begun on the next Common Core Rap video, Natives. The lyrics have been written and the beat is being pieced together! Ava’s moccasins are on their way. This one is going to be AWESOME!

Native Americans, creative Americans / Everything we have, came from the land / Clothes and tepees are made by hand . . .

Around the World is Complete!

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Around the World – Maps Skills and Spatial Terms, our latest rap video, is now available in the Common Core Rap Store! Lyrics, Beat, and Class Handouts for Around the World have also been added to the Lyrics & Worksheets part of our site. We hope you enjoy the new video in your classroom! We had a great time making it for you :)

Common Core Concepts covered in Around the World include: latitude, longitude, equator, meridian, compass, cardinal, map, key, legend, North, East, South West, globe, state, capital, politics, oceans, continents

Around The World Preview Available

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After some time away, we are happy to say that we have finished recording our latest rap, Map Skills. For a preview, click the map! Next up is the video shoot which is scheduled for September 22nd. Map Skills – The World in Spatial Terms will be available in the Common Core Rap Store and TpT October 1st! As always, we cannot thank you enough for your positive feedback and support. You all are the inspiration behind the music!

Ready for Common Core?

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Teaching requires expert balance. Time, discipline, curriculum, fun, and class growth are a few things teachers juggle day in and day out. The path to success can feel like a tightrope at times. The way your students react depends on how you walk line. If you move slowly and steady yourself after each step, your crowd will tense and adapt your uneasiness. However, if you step confidently and juggle your tasks, you can put on a show that students will remember for the rest of their lives!

Before any good show, there is an opening act, a DJ, or an announcement to set the atmosphere. Thousands of students start their day off with a Common Core Rap video, worksheet, or song. Let us set the tone for your amazing performance. Allow your students to move with the beat, fill out a worksheet, and watch curriculum in action! Then, we’ll turn it over to the real star of the show, you! So, if someone asks you if you are ready for Common Core, tell them Common Core is not ready for you :) Welcome back teachers, we missed you!

Science Fusion Unit Tests

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CCR Chart

Inclusion of Common Core Rap videos into daily lesson plans show marked increases in both short and long term retention. The graph above illustrates class averages for 3 tests; Weather and Water Cycle, Matter, and Human Body. In each case, second grade students were tested without exposure to Common Core Rap videos and then retested once exposed to the 3 minute videos. On all 3 tests, class averages increased between 4.9% to 13.7%! Why do CCR videos work and how do they help students retain information? We’re glad you asked!

According to “Elements of Reading” students need to see a word 11-15 times to make it their own. Playing CCR videos each day before the main lesson is a great way to expose students to key terms. The chorus and verses are written to maximize relevant vocabulary and key words are highlighted to help students identify important terms.

Since 90% of the brain’s sensory input comes from visual sources, it stands to reason that the most powerful influence on learner’s behavior is concrete, visual images (Jensen, 1994). Video, music, movement, and curriculum are weaved into each Common Core Rap video. We love 90%, but strive to stimulate 100% of students senses to increase engagement and positively affect the mood of the classroom.  

Linking verbal and visual images increases student’s ability to store and retrieve information (Ogle,2000). It makes sense students retain more when they hear a word, see a word, and visually capture the meaning of the word through videos and pictures. Add in the fact that students can act out key vocabulary terms by following along with dance moves within our videos and it is powerful to know that students will be equipped with multiple recall sources on test day.

New Adventures For Common Core Rap

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As the summer winds down and teachers/students start looking forward to next year, Common Core Rap is ready to build upon and diversify our video collection. Ten of our first eleven videos were science-based and cover everything from inquiry skills to the forces and elements that affect living and non-living things. If you are new to Common Core Rap, please check out our Preview Videos page for a sampling of our work. We now shift our focus to social studies, geography, and history. Look for new releases each month once the school year begins. We hope your last few weeks of summer pass slowly and are filled with fun activities with good friends. New adventures await and we are up to the challenge!

Spin the globe, around it goes / I’ve got my map, my compass shows / Four main directions, cardinal . . . - Excerpt from Around The World (coming soon)

Inquiry Skills is complete and has been added to the Common Core Rap Store, as well as the Lyrics & Worksheets page. Listen a few times or read along and see if you can rap along to the instrumental beat! The 45 second preview has also been added to our Preview Videos page. Thanks for following us and let us know what you think of the new video!